About van Asselt Advies

I started my aviation career as a pilot in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. After thirty years of flying, managing, and gaining considerable experience with humans and their behaviour, I retired from the Air Force and started van Asselt Advies. Initially I limited myself to Human Factor- and Crew Resource Management Training and support, working for airlines, the national emergency helicopter services and maintenance organisations. After a few years I was asked to provide several workshops abroad. That worked out pretty good and from then on I also provide 3-day and 5-day workshops on Human Factors and Human Behaviour. My former job in the Air Force also gave me the opportunity to gain experience with complicated but effective safety management systems. I decided to take some additional SMS-training and attended masterclasses on Human Error en Safety Systems. From 2013 on I provide Safety Management Systems (SMS) training and implementation support for airlines, companies and even several Civil Aviation Authorities on the modern aviation SMS’s and SSP’s. Furthermore I am available as interim Safety Manager for initial implementation and upgrading of the Safety Management System.
Besides the Human Factors and SMS training, workshops and support, I assist companies in acquiring Part 21, Part M, AOC and ATO certifications.
Since Human Factors Training and the use of Safety Management Systems continuously prove their value in aviation I like to share my aviation expertise with organisations, healthcare and companies outside aviation as well. They can all benefit greatly from the proven aviation practices.
If you want more information about Safety Management and Human Factors please feel free to use this link and contact me.

Stay Healthy and Be Safe!

Bob van Asselt